What is binary options?

Binary options – simple, fast and convenient way to make money in the financial markets.

Profits up to 240% in 15 minutes, a huge selection of assets for trading are simple and straightforward trading platform – it looks too perfect to be true? Let’s understand what a binary options.
Binary options is profitable
Binary options is probably the most profitable way to make money. Why? It’s very simple: in order to get a great, predetermined profits by trading binary options, you only need to correctly identify, grow or drop the price of the selected asset (currency, oil, gold, shares of Gazprom, Facebook) for a certain time. For example, did you hear that the dollar is growing rapidly today, and, apparently, will continue to grow. What do you do? You can quickly run to the currency exchange and buy 100 dollars. Let’s say your prediction came true, and in a couple of hours, the dollar rose by 10 cents, how much we earn? Most importantly, you need to know about binary options is that you still get all the profit in full, even if the dollar will grow at would one penny! In addition to the simple form of a binary option – “above / below” presented in our example, there are other types of binary options that allow you to get even more profit. You do not know about the movement of currencies, and do not want to trade currencies on the binary options? With us you can make a variety of types of asset, including shares of big companies such as Apple, Gazprom, Facebook, popular products – gold, oil, stock indices – Dow Jones, NASDAQ.
Binary Options is a fast

Uniqueness binary options is that, in order to make a profit, you do not need to wait a long time, such as when using a bank deposit. You choose the time after which will be checked by your forecast for the price change of the asset (the expiry of the option). Armax.trade binary options broker allows you to trade binary options, even with the time expiration of 1 minute, which means that within 1 minute after the transaction you can make a profit!

You can choose the time of the expiry of transactions from 1 minute to 1 year. These conditions are suitable for both traders practicing “fast” trading, and those customers who are considering trading binary options as a long-term investment.

Binary options is easy

To understand what a binary options and how they work can be just a few minutes.

Intuitive trading platform designed to meet the wishes of both beginners and experienced traders. You very quickly realize all the simple mechanism of transactions in the binary options, learn to make deals on any type of binary options on any asset, any time of expiration. And if you have any questions, your personal manager will be happy to answer them.

How to make money on the binary options

Answering the question “What is binary options?”, It is worth noting that this is not a magic wand that with one stroke bring you huge profits. In each transaction, there is a risk: you could lose the entire amount of your transaction.

In order to earn money, not lose money using binary options, you need to be able to forecast the market correctly predict whether the chosen asset price rise or decline. How to learn it, if you have never traded or forex or binary options, and about exchange rates only know because every day pass by the “exchanger”?

It is in order to make it easier to deal with how to make money trading binary options, armax.trade company has developed unique services – assistants. You have the opportunity to start working with us to explore our textbook “Trading binary options. A Practical Guide, “or immediately start trading while learning in practice.