Types of binary options

ARMAX.TRADE company offers 4 different types of binary options. If you are new – start with a very simple, clear and popular binary option above \ below. In order to increase your profits, you can use other types of binary options. For example, when trading binary options “Touch” you can get a profit of 220% from the transaction. Different types of binary options can be more profitable, depending on your level of confidence in the forecast, the market situation, market situation. we give our recommendations, in which case, what kind of options should be used in the type of help for binary options. We encourage you to read the description of binary options in order, because the next binary options refer to the description of the previous options, and use the terms and concepts that are introduced earlier.

Binary option “Above / Below” – the simplest and most popular type of binary options. When trading this kind of binary options you need to determine whether or not the course will be selected asset is above or below the current market rate at the time of option expiration.

A binary option is short-term – a variant of the option above \ below with short expiry dates. Suitable for use in the rapidly moving market.

One touch binary option – the form of the option with the greatest benefit. But you get paid only if you do not just correctly identified the movement of an asset of the course, but this movement was strong enough to exchange rate has reached a certain level. Payment is carried out immediately after reaching this level, without waiting for the expiry of the option time.

Binary option Corridor – can be used in case if you do not know where the market will go, but you have an understanding of whether he will move at least somewhere, or stay in place.