Almost everyone who comes to trade binary options, begin with the exchange of the underlying assets. This is due to several factors:

    Currency pairs are all, without exception, brokers, while other assets are often quite rare and may not always be present.
    Many traders binary options before doing trade in the Forex market, which is the most famous, popular and accessible exchange for those wishing to make a profit on the difference between quotations of currency pairs.
    They are one of the main “products” that are in the world are bought and sold every second in huge quantities, so that the exchange rate fluctuations are often very sharp and significant. However, it is necessary to tell at once, that if you do not use these options as “One Touch”, it will not be for you to make much difference on how much it has grown, for example, the price of the euro – by 100 points or 2 points, because binary options involve just the opportunity to receive significant revenue even at small price fluctuations.
    This asset class has the best payout rates – up to 85%!