View the option with the greatest benefit. You get paid only if you do not just correctly identified the movement of an asset of the course, but this movement was strong enough to exchange rate has reached a certain level. In contrast to the above option \ Below you will profit once in the time when the rate reached this level, you do not need to wait for the expiry of the option time.

In order to make a deal on the option “Touch” to select an asset, expiry time, “Touch Up” or “touch the bottom”. Enter the amount of the transaction. Confirm the transaction by pressing the OK button. Payment is done when it reaches the target level, without waiting for the expiry of the option time.
Rate changes direction and the target rate

The main visible difference between the option “Touch Up / Down” option from above \ below, that in the course selection buttons change the direction specified as the target level, which will have to reach a rate of selected asset that you have made a profit. Carefully evaluate the proposed target level for the selected direction you if you are not sure that it will be achieved – use the option “Above / Below”. Let him for payment and less profit you get, even if the change of course in the right direction would be minimal. Unlike Option “above / below” the target rate for the option “Touch up / down” is not a market rate at the time of the transaction, and the level at a certain distance from it. Trust levels vary with changes in the current exchange rate, so that they are at the same distance from the current rate. The target rate is fixed at the time of the transaction by pressing the “Confirm” button.

Payments under the option “Touch up / down” is much more than the option “Above / Below”, they generally range from 176% to 240% of the transaction amount. This is the biggest payout of all kinds of binary options.
Recommendations for use

Use Options “touch up / down” always, if your forecast shows that traffic will be sufficient to pass the target level. When using technical analysis or analysts’ forecasts often are available targets for the expected movement. If they continue on this course than proposed in our platform, feel free to use this type of option.
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Market movement when economic news outlet also usually fairly strong, though, and can be quickly reversed. In this case, it may also be advantageous to use this type of option, because you get paid as soon as the course will be held the target level, without waiting for the expiration time. If the course after passing the target level before the expiry time will unfold in the opposite direction, it will not affect your profit, since you have already received payment. This is the most important advantage of the option “Touch up / down”.