Although this short-term trading options can be really supervysokopribylnoy, but without a clearly developed strategy will resemble a roulette.

Like all good things, minute binary options have come to us with a good Western, which have long enjoyed great popularity among traders.

In fact, with proper approach, care and waste strategy short-term contracts can provide up to 100% profit with only one deal!

To some this may seem unrealistic, but I know that if at least do a market analysis on a moving average and determine the overall trend, it is already possible to improve the profitability of trade, at least 10%!

This means that if by simply guessing where the price will go, your chances are 50%, then in determining the trend, they will have 60%! But that, as they say – the minimum program!

Therefore, minute binary options are gaining increasing popularity in Russia and CIS countries.

Positive aspects of binary options 60 seconds

Easy trade.
Indeed, the minute options can trade almost any session. For the analysis it suffices to take the hourly chart, determine the underlying trend and trade the signals M5-M15.

A large number of transactions.
If you are working with a 30-minute or hour period eksperatsii you make from 5 to 10 transactions per day, then 60 seconds binary options can make 40-50 per hour!
If you use Martingale method, it increases the profitability of trading in a few dozen times!

Huge selection of tools and trading platforms.
Commerce minute options are now offered virtually every broker. In addition, short-term traders trading binary options often provide favorable conditions, such as an increased bonus, no commission and assets, which are common options may be available.